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TJB Homes and Extreme Makeover Home Edition Project 2009
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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Sundays 8/7c on ABC
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Extreme Makeover Home Edition and TJB Homes Volunteer Information

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All ages are welcome as we begin the final clean-up!! This is a great family fun event for all kids and kids at heart! Please join us for a fun day!! Please come directly to the Extreme House site and you will be helped from there!!

Volunteer Event ~ Filming For (TV) ~ TONIGHT!


Special Volunteer Recognition with Special Guest Appearances!! You dont want to miss this!! Please go directly to Neighborhood House in the Wellstone Center, 179 Robie St. on Thursday, 10/08/09 at 5pm. (Park there!!) No Shuttle Buses Running From 301 Eaton! MUST WEAR YOUR BLUE SHIRT FOR ACCESS!

"Move That Bus" will begin filming from 9am and can run several hours as the "Production Crew" strive to get the best shots and coverage of the CHEERING fans!! Please bring your homemade signs for the family as well as the "EXTREME CELEBRITIES"!! Spectator parking for this will only be available at the Signal Hills Shopping Center - They will bring everyone by shuttle buses to the EXTREME home!
UPDATE ~ SCHEDULED Volunteers For Thursday Night & All Day Friday!!

The Volunteer Tent is CLOSING at 8pm on Thursday Night for the rest of the project. NO VOLUNTEERS are needed Thursday night after 8pm or Friday all day! We are ahead of schedule and our needs for the project have been met - Thank you!!

Volunteer Schedules(Excel Format)
will be linked as available

(close by 8:00 p.m. if all goes to plan)
Volunteers needed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Day 9/Oct10 = Will need groups of kids and adults for clean up.

Neighborhood & Park Repairs - Volunteers Needed!

In conjunction with Extreme Makeover, we will be doing neighborhood cleanup and repairs in selected areas.

Volunteers are needed this week for park clean up and neighbors to the Morris family need projects done also.

PLEASE BRING FOOD SHELF ITEMS SO THE TWIN CITIES CAN BREAK THE RECORD & EXCEED 25,000 LBS! Help is also needed at the food shelf, Neighborhood House Wed. or Thurs. to unload a large delivery.

There is also a blood drive at the Red Cross and many more ways to volunteer or donate are on under Extreme Makeover.

MONDAY - SHIFTS ARE 9:00am - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Go directly to Neighborhood House in the Wellstone Center, 179 Robie St. Bring your food donations! Leaders at Neighborhood House will direct you to which parks and projects. Liability waivers, shirts & hard hats are not required for park clean up.


Adjacent homes to the Morris family on Prescott St. have been identified that need projects done also. Bring hammers, tools, gloves, paint brushes, landscape tools, etc. All paint has been donated. All volunteers working on Prescott St. will need to have Extreme Makeover shirts and hard hats as it will be part of filming. All volunteers go to 301 Eaton St. to sign a liability waiver and get a blue Extreme Makeover shirt & hard hat.

Neighborhood & Park Repairs - Needs List
Retaining Wall Repairs + Cement Step Patching +
Professional Painters + Carpenters - Porch Repairs

Tools and Supplies including;
paint rollers, paint brushes, painters tape, paint scrapers, plastic sheets and small landscape rock.

ALL VOLUNTEERS NEED TO BE BUSSED TO THE SITE FROM 301 EATON ST. THERE IS NO ACCESS TO WALK IN TO THE SITE. A team leader will meet the bus and direct volunteers to a specified work area.


Please contact Audrey Friedman at AFriedman@CBBURNET.COM who will be coordinating this project.

  • We can not accept any calls.
  • We have all the PROFESSIONAL contractors that we need.
  • We will take volunteers who report to the site only.
  • We cannot reserve times.
  • We need 100-200 volunteers per day that will be used in traffic control, clean-up, catering, shipping and other misc. duties.
  • We believe there is going to be a real need for people during the overnight hours. (10-15 volunteers please!)
  • Shifts will be filled in FOUR HOUR increments on the 4's. (see below)
  • They are 12am-4am, 4am-8am, 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm, and 8pm-12am.
  • You will need to arrive at the CHECK-IN tent at least 20 minutes prior to the shifts.
  • Allow time for parking and walking to get to shift on time!
  • We can not guarantee that all people will be able to help on the project.
  • We are expecting many more volunteers then may be needed. WE WILL BE GIVING PRIORITY TO DIRECT FAMILY MEMBERS.
  • Please do not be upset if we cannot use you.

REMEMBER, we are Home Builders not TV Show promoters - Thank you for understanding.

Volunteer/Construction Rules and Standards

Please read before volunteering:

  1. You MUST be 18 to volunteer.

  2. You MUST wear FULLY CLOSED SHOES/BOOTS. (It is a construction site).

  3. Due to excellent community support, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to work on-site. We appreciate everyone and will do our best but under no circumstance can we ensure that you will be chosen to enter the construction site.

  4. You must have fully completed Volunteer and Appearance release forms to volunteer and/or get a shirt for work. Form is available ONSITE.

  5. Volunteers will get a t-shirt only when they are sent to the site to work, not before.

  6. Only one shirt per Volunteer. If you are coming back to volunteer again, please launder and wear your original t-shirt.

  7. Volunteers may be asked to do physical labor. If you have any restrictions or conflicts, please inform the volunteer coordinator.

  8. Once on set, DO NOT interfere with the Camera Crew or Cast. This is a television show and in order to successfully complete shooting, we need full cooperation from everyone involved.

  9. Unless given specific work duties, you should not be roaming the set. You will be asked to stand by in a designated area as deemed by your Volunteer Coordinator.

  10. Please DO NOT ask the "Cast" for autographs. Everyone is working very hard and it's important to respect and uphold a professional work environment.

  11. Absolutely NO autographs on Hard Hats. They are not souvenirs and we need enough of them for the safety of all who enter the work site, for the entire build.

  12. Volunteers may NOT bring cameras on site. We uphold a productive work site and ask that everyone does the same.

* Please return all hard hats at the end of your work shift. Do not alter the hardhats with decals or autographs, as they are the property of the Builder. We only have a limited supply and are concerned with the safety of all who enter the site.

* We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please leave all of your personal effects in your car or at home.

* If you are not a Construction Worker or signed in as a scheduled Volunteer, you will NOT obtain a t-shirt from this location. Media, VIP, Friends, Family or Production Guests should go through production or your corresponding department to get a t-shirt. At no time shall this Check-In area be able to hand out t-shirts to anyone who is not a registered worker or volunteer.

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ASK ANYONE AT ANYTIME TO LEAVE THE SET. With such EXTREME working conditions we may have to clear the site in order to finish this huge undertaking.

On behalf of ABC and Lock & Key Productions, we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dear Volunteer,

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" wishes to thank you in advance for your time to make the show such a success. The completion of the home makeover could not be done without great volunteers like yourself! EMHE wants to stress "safety first" for everyone on hand to make a successful show. There are a few rules we must enforce in order to complete the home makeover in our timeline:

    • Please be aware that this is a real construction site. Keep an eye out for heavy machinery, tools, and sharp materials at all times. Please watch your step.
    • Without the permission of production, NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ALLOWED IN AND AROUND THE BUILD SITE. This is an insurance and liability issue for the Construction and Production team.
    • There are many construction workers who have been working around the clock to complete the home in 7 days, please be courteous to them.

    • You are issued ONE "EMHE" blue volunteer t-shirt only for the hours of volunteer work at the house. This shirt must be worn at all times while you are on the "set."
    • There are to be NO alterations done to this t-shirt. You are not allowed to cut, draw, or write on this t-shirt.

    While working as a volunteer, we ask that you do not disturb the designers for autographs. They are working and need to complete their tasks on a tight timeframe. If you want an autograph, you must wait for the proper time in the spectator area. Thank you for your patience. There should be absolutely NO autographing of hard hats-these are the property of the Builder and must be returned to check-in for future use.

    a. "EMHE" races against the clock to complete the home makeover in 7 days. Everyone in the home must be working. If you are loitering, or taking a tour you will be asked to leave. b. Craft Service is for the Construction crew, you are welcome to water and snacks but this is not a place to "hang out."

    There are absolutely NO CAMERAS, CAMERA PHONES, OR VIDEO CAMERAS allowed in the house AT ANY TIME. You will be asked to leave if seen taking photos or videos.

    There is a large TV Production staff all working to complete the home with the contractors and designers. We ask that you do not disturb the Camera, Audio, or Producers when they are working. Please see your Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions.
Please remember that we are all here to make a difference in the lives of a very deserving family. We sincerely appreciate the hard work you extend to us on this project and we thank you for your compliance with these issues. Work hard, be safe, and have FUN! :-D


Lock and Key Productions - a division of Endemol USA

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