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Extreme Makeover Home Edition The Swenson-Lee Family - Blog

Project Partners, Staff, Volunteers, Donators and Spectators.

This is you chance to share your thoughts and experience from your point of view with the Swenson-Lee Family! Share why you got involved and what you did.

Submissions will be reviewed and select ones will be posted here! Please keep comments reasonably short so we can post many submissions. Also, you're name will be listed as you enter it. If you do not want your full name or last name showing do NOT enter it. By submitting your comments you agree to allow us to post your submission on this website. Submissions may be edited at our discretion. Please do not post more than one time!

Realname: Christian Cody

Type: Please Select

Comments or Questions: Although I have been watching the show since it started, I
really didn't understand it until I got to see the process myself. It was
Amazing,absolutely amazing seeing how people were coming from all over the place to
help the designers and TJB Homes. I heard there was somebody who came all the way
from Winnipeg to volunteer. The Design team sure did an excellent job on the house,
they really put a lot of thought and detail into the design. Ty's project was the
best of all in my opinion. He's one incredible person for what he does. 
I hope the house works for you and that you are doing well. I'm sorry for the losses
you've suffered. You defenitely deserved this Extreme Home Makeover. 
Dear Mr Budzynski,Hi Brian Welch from North Little Rock,Arkansas(The guy
who the week before last requested a ballcap from you)Got my hat and the
domestic violence awareness pin yesterday that you also enclosed  that
witch i  was also going to e - mail you about after i saw i believe it was
Paige from the design crew passing out to everyone one on the build
crew.And so i was just wanting to take this time to THANK YOU SO VERY
MUCH!!!! The hat and pin were so GREATLY appreciated. But just wondering
though if it WOULDN'T be ANY TROUBLE if you could  possible send a "GOOD 
HANDFULL" of some more domestic violence awareness pins.It would be
GREATLY appreciated if you could.(After wearing my pin today i had quite a
few people asking me where they could get one.)
Name:  Deb Earl

Comments or Questions:  Hi Tom, congratulations on your house for Extreme Makeover. 
What an undertaking-I know you could pull it off!  I am looking forward to watching
the show.  Hi to Jan!

Deb Earl
Creative Lighting Home Accents
You and Colleen were a great part of the sucess of Extreme makeover.
Hopefully millions of people will come to you for their web sites.
THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Extreme Builder
Name:  Troy and Cindi Hatlestad, EXCEL HARDWOOD FLOORS, INC.

Comments or Questions:  It was truly an honor for our company to install hardwood
floors in your awesome new home!  To watch all the subcontractors and volunteers
blend and work as one team was an incredible experience.  Our daughter's volleyball
team was very glad to make a donation a year ago to help support your family and now
to have physically been a part of helping build your family a beautiful place with
which you can grow together more comfortably will always be an unforgettable memory.
 Can't wait to see the show!  We wish you the best!
Name:  Cheryl Bergstrom

Comments or Questions:  Bergstrom Finish Carpentry would like to thank everyone that
pulled together to get this home done in record time!! If you can only imagine 22
Finish Carpenters working a total of 280 hours. Along with the cabinets,paint,tile
and many other areas all getting done at the same time. Welcome Home and Thank you
for letting us be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.
From: Steve Schiltz 
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 1:48 PM
Subject: Extreme Home Makeover

Hi All,

I just wanted to send the board a short update on the Extreme Home Makeover
project that the company undertook this weekend.  
I wanted to comment on the actual install process.

We got off to a slow start as the project was behind and everyone had to
cool their jets for 2 ˝ hours as we did not get shuttled to the site
until 5:30am to unload.  While we had several planning meetings to make
sure this ran smooth, it was a whole other ordeal when it actually
came time to stage material and set up equipment.  

People were all over the place but the two main job site supervisors,
Greg Bennis and Greg Reinhardt got everyone to their areas and set up quickly.
The house was very large and very cut up and was going to take time to finish.
The crews worked feverishly over the next 14 ˝ hours to completely finish
the siding, soffit, fascia, column wraps and corbel/planter boxes.
It was a monumental task to keep all of the crews working together,
making sure they had materials and tools when they were needed.
We had Russian crews, union crews, service crews and other office staff
that have never worked together before and yet the two Greg’s
somehow coordinated everyone’s efforts to come up with a great
finished product.  It was impressive to see the
Greg’s make an operation like this run smoothly.

All of the other workers put a lot of blood, sweat and tears
into the project as well.  Tom Bennis has told me for a while
how he used to put up miles of soffit and fascia ‘back in the day’.
Tom was the first one up a ladder on Saturday and the last
one off the front roof at the end of the day as he finished
up the last of soffit on the front of the house.
He and Greg were the last of the installers / supervisors on
the job site Saturday after all the others had left.

Anyway, I just wanted to let the board know that it was very
impressive to see the two brothers in their element
leading the crews both through direction and example.  

Job well done guys!

Steven Schiltz 
President / CEO 
Minnesota Exteriors, Inc. 
 Hi Tom & Jason... It was great to see you at the Extreme Makeover VIP tent
the other day.  I trust things are winding down for you guys and you have
been able to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Just thought I would share
the recent activities report that came across my email for the Utilities
Group employees, of which I am a part.  I'm glad we could be part of this
community service partnership.  Congratulations on your accomplishment!  Our
Xcel Energy New Business Development team looks forward to viewing the show
in November!

Becky Harasyn
Xcel Energy
MN New Business Development
cell: 612-723-5012

Internal Utilities Group Communication:

*        Michelle Swanson attended the Extreme Makeover Home Edition event in
Minnetonka.  In addition to Xcel Energy staff, we had the presidents from
the TwinWest Chamber (who covers Minnetonka) and the Edina Chamber as guests
to view the activities from the VIP tent.  The Edina Chamber intends to run
an article in an upcoming newsletter on our support of the event that
included a $10,000 cash contribution for energy conserving features,
donation of 200 compact fluorescent light bulbs, and the disconnect/install
temp service/reconnect of electric service.
Name:  Stacey K

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I was able to volunteer on Saturday by doing various jobs
and what a great oppertunity it was to give back to such a wonderful family.  I hope
you LOVE all the special touches that were added to your new home.  I was able to
see your new home on Tuesday and what a joy it was to see so many people to Welcome
you guys home.  Blessings! 
Name:  Arlyn's sister, Janey

Type:  Spectator

Comments or Questions:  I drove to Minnetonka from Northern Minnesota to be a part
of this amazing project.  Arlyn is the TJB Homes Office Manager, thus I heard about
it.  I brought some volunteers with me.  Basically, we managed the catering tent and
fed all of the contruction workers and volunteers, who really are the heros.  Vicky,
your Mom and Pop are great people, they are now my family too.  Congratulations!!
Name:  Candace Fisher

Comments or Questions:  Hello, I was very proud to have wallpapered in
a room. What a privelege to work with so many amazing people,we were taken such good care
of, it was so fun.Thank-you for this unbelievable experince.
Name:  Jan Kloepper

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I was one of the volunteers from Ingenix (United
Healthcare)who helped in the food tent: cleaning off tables, fetching drinks and
plating up food.  It was great fun to talk with some of the workers and volunteers
who came down for lunch to find out their areas of expertise and where they were
from. It was also fun to see some of the families from prior Home Makeover Shows.
The most amazing thing, was seeing the second floor "appear" just during our
volunteer time. What a crew! I am very honored to have had this opportunity. Best
wishes and blessings to your family in your new home.
Name:   Dianna Peterson

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  Dear Swenson Lee family,

On behalf of the Junior League of Saint Paul, it was an honor and a priviledge for
our organization to put over 200 volunteer hours, as well as to be a part of
donating items.  We hope you
love it and we are so happy to be part of creating you a beautiful home in which to
raise your family.

Your story touched our hearts, as we have been working with a battered women's
shelter for the past 4 years, and continue to advocate for domestic abuse issues. 
Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get your message out.

Welcome Home!

Dianna Peterson
Director, Community Outreach & Planning
Junior League of Saint Paul
Name:  Jerry Burns

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Hi Swenson-Lee Family

  My name is Jerry Burns and Extreme Makeover did my house in 2004 and thanks to A B
C we were able to come to Minn. and help on your house.

   I can't tell you want this has met to my family and myself to give back 
and help you and your family. 

  Vicky ,my wife was a victim of domistic violance and I know how the laws sometime
come up short. Please keep up the good work.

  You know we have never been able to thank everyone that helped on our house so
helping on your house in a way helps us say thank you to them.

  My son Benjamin wanted me to say how much he enjoyed working on your fireplace and
hope the kids have a great time with there new play yard.

  I hope someday to meet you in person but for now just Enjoy your new home and my
it do for you want ours did for us.
  Gods speed and Love
  Jerry ,Ellen ,Benjamin, Pamela, and Aunt Diana 
        The Burns Family
Name:  Rob w/ A+

Type:  Worker

Comments or Questions:  After seeing the story of the events that happened to your
family I was heartbroken.  The company I work for helped with your landscape,
irrigation system, and sod.  Our group of 20-25 workers are so pleased we were able
to, and had the oppertunity to help out on a project that will make things a little
easier for your family.  You are all in our hearts and prayers.  
Name:  Travis Rittenbach

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  Your new home is awsome.  I can't wait to see the finished
product on the inside when the show airs.  I work for the siding company that
supplied and installed all the siding and I also own the company that built the
flower boxes corbels and the garage brackets.  I enjoyed building them myself by
hand.  I hope you enjoy your new pad. From what I got to see on friday it was
awsome.  Good luck. God is with you.

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  Our family was so happy to contribute the amount of money we
did. It gave us great pleasure and satisfaction. Being at the house we felt so much
a part of everything. TBJ what a wonderful crew!!!! All the contractors looked so
tired and yet pushed until that house was done!!!! Congtratulations to your family
and on your new addition!!!!! You are a strong family I praise you for taking care
of those lovely children. Your blessed to have those children and they are blessed
to have you both!!!!
Our prayers are with you and the children that you will heal from the pain of
missing your sister. 
Welcome home Swenson-Lee Family!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!WE LOVE YOU TJB HOMES FOR
Name:  Teri Harris

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Thank you TJB Homes - what an incredible experience that
will impact my life forever.  Your staff was so kind and so fun to work with in the
house - it was amazing on the lack of sleep they have had the positive attitudes
they carried!  You have an incredible team there and should be VERY proud of
yourselves!  Thank you again for volunteering your lives this past week to help
create a better life for the Swenson-Lee family.  You guys are GREAT! 
Name:  Nancy Jones

Comments or Questions:  Erik & Vicki....some day I hope I'll be able to give you
both a hug!!!!  I've been following your story since being in Morris this summer and
hearing about what's been going on from my Mom & Dad (Rose & Manley
Anderson)....."Grandma Sylvia" is my cousin....I'm in the process of moving back to
Morris after living in Georgia for 25 years.  Your story is incredible and I'm so
very PROUD of both of you!!!!!!!!!!
Name:  Lindsay Waldron

Comments or Questions:  I was excited when I found out that the Extreme Makeover -
Home Edition crew was here in the Twin Cities but even more thrilled to learn that
the deserving family was that of one of my High School teachers!  Mr. Swenson taught
me at Richfield High School!  He chaperoned our junior class trip to Washington,
D.C. and I also served as Mr. Swenson?s teaching assistant in my senior year
(1999-2000) at Richfield.  Mr. Swenson was a wonderful teacher and always challenged
his students in fun and innovative ways.

I watched the demolition on the news and knew that this was the perfect opportunity
for me to give back to someone that made such a positive impact in my life.  I
volunteered on two occasions and wish I could have done more.  

Swenson-Lee Family ? Your new home is AMAZING!  I will continue to pray for you all
as I know that your emotional recovery is not nearly complete.  I hope that this
home will give you the strength to continue making positive influences in the lives
of your students and children.  Congrats!!!
Name:  Washington County Special Response Team

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  The members of the Washington County Special Response Team
(SWAT)were honored to take part in volunteering on the new home for the Swenson-Lee
family on Sunday evening. We are proud to be part of such a wonderful experience. We
hope your family enjoys many years of peace and love in your new home!
Name:  majory snyder

Comments or Questions:  I just wanted to say what a great time it was volunteering.
Colleen and Kristie at the voluneteer table were great from TJB and everything was
so organized, it was a alot of fun and I am so glad be a part of this. Swenson
family enjoy your new home!!!
Name:  LeaAnn Russ

Comments or Questions:  I cannot even put in to words what I felt volunteering on
this project.  It was awe inspiring and incredible.  Thank you from the bottom of my
heart for allowing me to be a part of this miracle.
Name:  John Romain

Comments or Questions:  Hello
 I was a volunteer for your new home. I am sorry about what happened. I will pray
for your family.
Dear Tom,

Sally, my wife, and I (Sam) volunteered since Friday 8/24/07 and wish to thank you for the opportunity.
It was a great pleasure to meet you and help the Swenson-Lee family with their new home.

On Friday, I managed to fix one of your laptops in the Check-in tent.
Then we met Arlyn and the rest of the team and they were an inspiration to all of us.
As a result, Sally and I helped with a few things (i.e., helping in the house, directing traffic, etc.)
and it was humbling to see that your team kept it all together.
We just want to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you something you already know:  You have an awesome team!

We took a couple of pictures of your team and us.  Please see attachments. (Day 6 photos, mid-page)
We even managed to meet Walley the beer man at the tent.  We hope to do it all over again in the future.
We wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

Sam & Sally Espana.
Sally represented AT&T
Sam represented the UnitedHealth Group.
Name:  Shaun Kuffel

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  My heartfelt blessings for your family. Volunteering was
such a small thing to do to show how we in Minnesota stick together.  Minnesota Nice
is not just a phrase, it's a way of living. You epitomize this by all you do for
your nieces and nephews and the community you touch with teaching and coaching. Many
happy years in your new home.
Name:  Tammy Gregerson

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  It was an honor to Volunteer and help with your new home!
Thank you to TJB Homes for building this beautiful home for the Swenson-Lee Family.
Thanks to ALL the contractors for your round-the-clock should be very
proud! Eric and are true Angels and your children are very lucky. Your
new home starts a new chapter in your lives and many happy memories are to follow!
Name:  Kurt Rohwer

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to be involved
in a monumental task for a truly deserving family.
TJB homes did an incredible job organizing and leading the teams of volunteers. I am
proud to be a Minnesotan.
God bless you, Swenson-Lee Family!
Our Prayers are with you.
Name:  Bruce J Ness

Comments or Questions:  Congratulations on your new home, its amazing what can be
done in 5 days, I was glad to be part of it by volunteering...My wife and I watch
the show all the time........Teri is looking down and knows everything is in good
hands, God Bless you and your family....waiting anxiously to watch the show..
Bruce: from Otsego
Name:  Kristie Coryell

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Wow. just Wow. I started out picking up cigarette buts and
trash on sat morning. worked my way into the house to clean so they could paint. and
last night i had the extreme pleasure of helping put together Taylor's room
(my fovorite by the way. i hope you LOVE it.) and today helping Paul in the 
room for Tyler and Trevor. It was just amazing to be able to there through out the
week and when you all saw the house today. As a victim of domestic abuse, well, it
made my experience that more amazing. Everyone, and i mean everyone I came into
contact this week was awesome and everyone really did work well through the mayhem.
God Bless you all. I'm proud to have helped
Name:  Cortney Fox

Comments or Questions:  My Husband asked me what I wanted for our 2nd
Anniversary...I told him to be a part of this.  We did that as our gift to one
another.  What a great gift it was!!  I came back the next day and the day after
that for the reveal...I worked crowd control and got to be up front to see it
unfold.  I was taken back by all of the people who love you guys and wanted to be a
part of making your lives a little easier.  You deserve this and we are so lucky to
have been a part of it!  Jim from TJB Builders, I will miss...he was such a part of
things...and funny!  I am also going to miss the security staff the most. 
I am blessed with a sweet little girl and I hope you continue to be blessed with all
of you children!  
Name:  Jill Schoon

Comments or Questions:  I volenteered at your home I was happy to be there to help
the strongest family I have ever heard of in my life.  And thank you for speaking
out about domestic violence you are every womens voice who are to scared to do so. 
What you have done with domestic violence will help many women. Thanks you so much
for that.  You deserved this house I am greatful Extreme Make Over picked your
family.  Enjoy your home and live life to the fullest.  You are always in many
hearts.  I would love to meet the bravest people I have ever heard of someday. Take
care and always be strong.
Name:  Karen Staeger, Jackie Berry

Comments or Questions:  We had an idea that this house should be featured in the
Parade of Homes or something like that and donations collected could be used for
violence against women and children. 
Name:  Micaela Vedder

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I helped out as a volunteer on this project doing odd jobs
on Saturday. I couldn't believe the amount of time and effort that went into a
project like this. To see many different companies, families, and individuals come
together and bless this family was an overwhelming experience. I am so blessed that
I got to be part of that. Swenson-Lee Family I pray that the Lord would continue to
bless you abundantly! 
Name:  Beth

Comments or Questions:  I just wanted to thank you for the incredible experience I
had volunteering with your company and Extreme Home Makeover. It is an extraordinary
gift that you presented the Swenson-Lee family. 

Thanks Again,
Beth Cunningham
Eniva Corp.
Name:  Wendy

Comments or Questions:  Enjoy your new house.  I had a great time on Saturday
helping the contruction crew build your house.  So many people showed up to
volunteer, which just shows what a great state we live in.
Name:  Naomi

Type:  Please Select

Comments or Questions:  I was a spectator at the "reveal". What a wonderful,
heartwarming, precious event for this much deserving family. I can hardly wait for
the show to air. Much luck, love and many prayers to all of you.
Name:  Pamela 

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I had the opportunity to help volunteer on Saturday and it
was an amazing experience.  To watch the progress and the pure determination of
everyone involved was quite inspiring.  Best wishes to you all and I hope you enjoy
your new home!!\
Name:  VJ

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Dear Family,
What a thrill it was for me to work around your home during this exciting build. 
From picking up garbage to hauling lumber, I knew my efforts were for a great family
with a lot of heart.  Every one of your neighbors I talked to said that you are the
most deserving to receive this house.  May God bless you as you raise these
wonderful children.
Name:  Eileen 

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I had the chance to be both spectator and volunteer for your
EMHE/TJB home makeover. I was so impressed with all involved - the EMHE team, TJB
Homes, the MANY construction/landscaping firms, people and volunteers, and the 
patient/flexible neighbors who put up with the extra activity and noise throughout
the week!

But what impressed me most was your story - what your family has gone through in the
past few years is so incredibly sad; you are truly an amazing family.

I'm honored to have been able to participate in this EMHE project, & I'm so proud of
the way all of the workers and volunteers represented Minnesota and the Twin Cities.
But most of all, I'm so in awe of you as a family in how you have coped with your
personal tragedy.

I hope you are happy with what the EMHE/TJB team designed and built for you, and
that in at least a small way your new home helps ease the pain of your personal
Name:  Kristal

Comments or Questions:  The house is BEAUTIFUL!! I stopped by to see it on Monday
evening and couldn't believe my eyes! I'm sure the family is thinking the same
thing! I am a huge fan of Extreme Makeover Home Edition... it was fun to see the
process in real life- Who ever thought you could build a house in a week!!
Thanks for everything you have done for the community and especially the Swenson-Lee
Name:  Denice McMahon

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  First to the TJB family - wow you guys are something else. 
I stood on the otherside of the fence for several days just observing all of you!  I
tried to get in as a volunteer but luckly for you you didn't need any at the times I
came!  Isn't that awesome!!
I stood watching in awe of what you all did, the organization the care, and the
love.  I had many friends who were able to volunteer and what great stories they
have to share!

Now to the so deserving family - Swenson's and Lee's -
You are all amazing, your courage, your love and your commitment to your family is
what we all need more of these days.  If there were more people like your family no
child would be left alone, behind or un loved.  THANK YOU for being a shinning
example of how this life is suppose to be!!

God Bless, and enjoy this new gift it was given out of love and rememberance for
Teri and for your awesome family!

Thanks for letting us share in the gift.
Name:  Sarah Goodrich

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I want to tell you how thrilled I was to be part of
something this wonderful. I am in the design studio at Gabberts and when they
announced we would be donating furniture and asking for volunteers I did not
hestitate for a minute to sign up.  My family had a tough year and we have had help
through friends and our church.  This was a perfect opportunity for me to "pay it
forward" and help someone else in need.  I hope you will enjoy your new home for
many years and move forward with your lives while the healing process continues. It
was a pleasure!
Name:  Pamela Irrgang

Comments or Questions:  I work at Park Nicollet.  Every day I ask everyone of my
patients, "are you safe in your relationships, is anyone abusing you, hurting you?" 
On more than one occasion I have had someone respond that they are not safe.  I
cannot tell you how it makes me feel when I hear that answer.  When I have to give
the resources in order to keep someone safe.  Today I got the opportunity to help at
the house and I was pleased to do so.  Keep up the great work, what you are doing
does make a difference.  Bless you and your family. 
Name:  kris

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  My mother and I came to see progress on Sat.  Instead of
doing a planned dinner out at a local restaurant on Monday with two other family
members, we will donate to the your family, have a dinner at home and then go see
the progress on the new house! We all extend our hopes and prayers to the family. We
admire your family!
Name:  Craig Hoppe

Type:  Worker

Comments or Questions:  I am very thankful to have been able to work on your new
home. I worked for Universal Spray and Drywall. We brought together two other
companies to create a team of about 160 volunteers as well as the large amount of
material. Everyone was very proud and shocked of how fast it went and how well
everyone worked together. I have been there every day since drywall and have had the
oppotunity to help out many of the other contractors. This was a once in a lifetime
opportunity that I will never forget.

I hope that your new family has a wonderful future and that this wonderful blessing
that has been given to you will help you in your fight against domestic violence. It
is truly wonderful what you are doing.

God Bless the Swenson-Lee Family
Name:  Todd Lunneborg

Type:  Worker

Comments or Questions:  Framer.  24.5 hours straight framing with Nick, Steve and
Phil of Suburban Framing.  Every framer on site worked with a focused purpose that I
haven't seen on a build site before.  All of the framers on site that day are Rock
Stars in my book.  I had as much fun watching them work, watching their progress and
determination throughout the night, as I had working on my own portions of the
build.  It was an honor to be a part of a crew that donated 24.5 hours.  Staying the
whole day was worth it.  Good Luck to all 10 of you in everything you do.
Name:  Jeannie

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank TJB Homes
for their unbelievable professionalism and to say what a great family they are. 
They were all so helpful, cordial and just the best with a bunch of people who are
normally not on one of their jobsites.  Also, thank you to all of your neighbors who
so graciously gave up there property and lives for this event.  It was an honor and
a privilege to be able to volunteer and I am proud to say that I helped.  EMHE could
not have picked a more deserving and selfless family to build this house for.  Now
it's time to relax, enjoy and cherish your family in your new home because you all
deserve it.
Name:  Sally

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Dear Swenson-Lee Family!
Congratulations on your new home!  I worked in the Check In tent 6 days and helped
get volunteers, sub-contractors and VIP's checked in and down to the site.  I had
the great pleasure of talking with many of your students, both past and present,
friends, and family!  You are all truly loved by many!  This was such a rewarding
experience for me - I can't imagine what you all are thinking and feeling.  I'm sure
as you view your new home you will go through a range of emotions that will have you
laughing and smiling one moment to crying and grieving the next.  There has been so
much tragedy in our state in 2007 - it's been a privilege to be a part of something
wonderful.  I hope that this home brings you all a sense of peace, joy, contentment,
and many happy memories!
Name:  Westman family

Comments or Questions:   I just read your families story. My husband was one of the
volunteers on your new home. As a mother of a 11 year old and 2 year old girls, God
bless and be with you all. My heart goes out to all of you. Your family
will be in our prayers.
                    Take care!
Name:  Angel

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Dear Swenson-Lee family and TJB homes, thank you for the
opportunity to work on your new home.  It was a great honor and privilledge to
contribute to a family that has given so much to others.  You are doing amazing
things not only for the future of your neices and nephews but also the future of
other families that may be spared from the same tragedy.  God bless you all!
Name:  Jason Carroll

Comments or Questions:  I had the pleasure of working on your new home.  I hope that
it give you all many good memories in the future.  God bless you all.
Name:  Todd Andersen

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  It is amazing what can be accomplished when talents and
efforts are focused and coordinated.  I worked the graveyard shift when the
foundation was being poured.  It certainly isn't the part of the project that is the
most TV-friendly, but the mass of workers couldn't have been more energized.  I was
helping to cater a late dinner for all the workers but once the forms went up, they
all just wanted to keep on working until the last bit of concrete got poured.  Late
dinner turned into early breakfast around 1:00AM and I was astonished at the energy
and commitment displayed by everyone involved.  I knew of Vicki through my work with
officiating volleyball for the MSHSL and she is nothing but class.  When my employer
(UnitedHealth Group) started mustering volunteers, I couldn't resist the call.  I
hope the house quickly becomes a home for this deserving family.  This has been one
of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Thanks for the opportunity to 
Name:  Heidi Riddle, Sandy Beckman

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  
'Hi Swenson-Lee family! Me and my mom helped out in the volunteer and VIP check-in
tent all day Friday and Saturday, getting all the people to where they needed to go
to get the house done! The people that work for TJB Homes were all SO friendly and
welcoming!! It was such an exciting experience! My family lives on Oberlin Rd, so we
obviously had seen your house before.  We walked down to the site the day they
knocked the house down.  And then we were there every day after that, and it was
amazing to see the rapid progress that was made by thousands of people who helped
each day to get your house done.  You guys are SO loved by many!!
I saw the dateline show, and me and my family are devoted fans of EMHE every week. 
I am amazed at how much you guys do each and every day, being parents, teachers,
coaches, etc,  and what Vicki is  doing now for women and children to protect them
against domestic violence.  Your family is amazing, and loved so much.  We hope you
guys have a new start with your large family, and have a wonderful, memorable
future, esp when the new addition comes in November.  Best wishes for the future!
My neice also has had Mr Swenson for a teacher at Hopkins and wanted him to know he
is the best teacher ever!!
Name:  Cody Rife

Type:  Worker

Comments or Questions:  As a employee of T&J Cocrete. It was my pleasure digging in
the foundation an to help with all the concrete. Hope you enjoy your wonderful new
Name:  Barb Carmouche

Comments or Questions:  May God Bless your family.  It was honor to volunteer at the
site. I know that you will have many years of happiness and blessing in your new
home. Your kindness and caring is an inspiration to me.  I hope one day to open a
domestic violence safe house, as I once was a victim, and I want woman and children
to be safe. Again God Bless You  
Name:  Donna Tatting

Type:  Worker

Comments or Questions:  I am with Noble Landscape and Garden Center and I worked on
the project with my fellow employees on Saturday Aug.25th.  The experience was one I
will never forget and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to
bring something wonderful to this family who has lost so much.  I recently lost my
mother and regardless of your age, the loss of a beloved parent leaves an emptiness
that is only reconciled by the love and good will of those closet to us.

Here's to the Swenson family and the Lee children.  Your bravery and courage are a
lesson to us all.  Enjoy your new landscaping !!!!
Name:  Kelly Sawyer

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  WOW! All I can say is it was a amazing. To watch the
hundreds of  volunteers working together, getting along, and doing the job they were
there to do. I heard it explained as controlled chaos and thats exactly what it was.
I was with the drywall/spray crew and I'm proud to have been a part of it!
Best wishes to the family & I hope you enjoy your new home.
Name:  Rheuan Borson

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I am a Comcast employee and was able to volunteer on the
buildong site Friday night. The whole experience was very uplifting.  It was amazing
to see the house go up. Watching all of the workers and volunteers working
dilligently with committment and determination is something that I will not forget.
What felt especially good to me was having the opportunity to help show the family
that despite the bad things in life, there are people who care. To the entire
Swenson-Lee family: I wish you happiness,peace and love as you grow and heal in your
new home.
Name:  Rob Fuhr

Type:  Worker

Comments or Questions:  Hey Swensons, WOW what a great thing this is!  I remember
breaking ground and setting foundations not too long ago.  Congratulations!  I guess
we dont have to fix the roof?siding after all!
Name:  Christel Jensen

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Both my sister & I had Teri as a 9th grade volleyball coach
at Tartan High School.  Vicki was also a coach when I was a student at Tartan.  My
sister drove up from Des Moines, Iowa Friday night so that we could volunteer early
in the morning hours Saturday morning. It was an incredible experience.  All of the
contractors, workers and volunteers were so gracious and kind to each other with the
same goal of providing this wonderful family a new place to call home.  It was an
honor to be able to help out!!!  Enjoy your new home and God bless!
Name:  Gary Witthuhn

Comments or Questions:  I was so happy when I recieved the phone call from
Village Flooring asking me to install the hardwood floors. I
hope you enjoy the hard wood floors. Gary's Floor Service
Name:  Donna Budzynski

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Long day/night/day, worked driving your
friends,family,lawyer,and past students to and from work stations and VIP area. You
are loved by all. We can't forget about your great neighbors who have given so much
to this project. Enjoy your new home, think of it as one huge hug from all!
Name:  Mary and Jonathan Wood Family

Comments or Questions:  We keep you in our prayers for continued healing and
strength.  Enjoy your beautiful new house as you create a HOME with many happy
memories while you hold onto and cherish those wonderful memories of your sister and
brother-in-law.  God Bless!
Name:  Vickie Kreider

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Hello Swenson-Lee Family!! 
I do not know you but am an avid watcher of the EMHE show. My boys and I came to see
the site at the point when they were cleaning up your old house. What a huge
undertaking. By time I drove home to Elk River I was compelled to volunteer. I
emailed Kristi from channel 5 news and she told me how to volunteer. I go back to
volunteer 34 hours later and the entire house is up!! I got to the site with my blue
shirt and hard hat and what was an empty lot on Thursday had a brand new house. When
I arrived it was having the roof put on, and the walls were just framed inside. By
time I left, the roof was done, dry wall was up and they were mudding and taping so
they can paint later today. Working in the house around 200+ contractors was crazy.
You had to watch your back constantly. I could feel the house under my feet shaking
with the driving nails, the lift bringing the drywall up to the second floor and
windows being pounded into place. It was amazing. I plan on going back tonight fo
 r another shift and quit possibly until they are done. 
I watched the Dateline show. Unbelieveable. That's all I need to say. And the
efforts you are doing to help others is amazing.
God bless your entire family!!
Much love, Vickie Kreider
Name:  Kathy Scinto

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  It was a great honor to be a part of your home building. 
This show is my families favorite and I jumped at the possible opportunity to help
in any way I could.  I was lucky enough to help out inside your home and as I went
from room to room I was able to think of you all and pray for your hopefully
brighter new future together!  You have some wonderful neighbors, many of whom I was
able to visit with and the employees from TJB are the nicest and most professional
bunch.  God Bless you all!!
Name:  Jennifer Martin

Comments or Questions:  Our family ~ the Martins ~ have been honored to help
volunteer and show our support in many ways these past several days, and this past
year.  It is true that MIRACLES do happen for people, and the team at TJB has been
an important piece in that DREAM for Erik, Vicki and their entire family.  While
serving KEMPS ice cream to all the workers out of the MOO MOBILE, I had a chill up
my spine, looking around at the hundreds and hundreds of people willing to give to
such a deserving family.  A new chapter in this families' life has been turned and
they have many more blessings to come in the years ahead.  As they walk out to the
patio, cherishing the memorial to Teri, I'm sure they will be reminded of the
"circle of Life" as they hold new baby "Teri" in their arms.  God bless EVERYONE who
contributed to this life-changing experience!
p.s.  Curran and Riley now want play-dates at YOUR house, but we'll wait til all the
hoopla settles down.
Name:  Graisen

Comments or Questions:  hello swinsinlee family id just like to say i hope you lov
your nw home my mom tiffany pearson is one of the disiners!
Name:  Jerrik Manthie

Comments or Questions:  I'm sure alot like many of the other employees of T&J
Conrete my working on this project was an experience that I'm proud to have worked
on and won't forget, hope you have fun in your new home. 
Name:  Joe & Sue Quaale

Comments or Questions:  As owners of Quaale Enterprises, it was a pleasure to have
had our family & crews work on the salvage portion of your project. We hope you
enjoy your new home!!! Please know that the church community services orginazation
we worked with are finding other families in need in the Twin Cities area to donate
the items that we salvaged from your old home. 
Name:  Bill Cheney

Comments or Questions:  As a employee of T&J Concrete, it was a priveledge to have
worked on your new home, I hope you enjoy!!!

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