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Extreme Makeover Home Edition The Swenson-Lee Family - Guest Book

This is you chance to share your thoughts and wishes with the Swenson-Lee Family(or TJB Homes)! Submissions will be reviewed and select ones will be posted here! Please keep comments reasonably short so we can post many submissions. Also, you're name will be listed as you enter it. If you do not want your full name or last name showing do NOT enter it. By submitting your comments you agree to allow us to post your submission on this website. Submissions may be edited at our discretion. Please do not post more than one time!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Preston Comments or Questions: Hello Swenson-Lee family I am watching you Extreme Makeover Home Edition show and i want to say that i am very sorry for the loses that you have gone through and i also would like to say that all of you are true Americans because you are all there for one another and you center your life around family i am very great full for the strength that you all have you are all an example to me and i hope and pray that you all will be blessed through out all of your lives please do me one favor and keep up the great work that you are doing in just being true Americans i hope that you all are doing well and i pray that you will all always have a great and wonderful day. Thank You, Your friend Preston --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Together Stopping Violence Comments or Questions: We had the opportunity to watch the 100th anniversary Extreme Makeover Home Edition show in rerun on 6-22-09. What an amazing and tragic story. We hope this email finds you well, almost two years later. Just to let you know that this evening you became an inspiration to us to try harder and persevere in our efforts to unite all in the effort to stop domestic violence. John and Tina Bailey Together Stopping Violence --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Hester Dunbar Comments or Questions: Have just today in Australia seen you episode of Home Edition Makeover, god bless you all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Heather Krause Comments or Questions: Hi. My name is Heather Krause, I'm 18 years old and I'm currently stationed with my family in Leesville, Louisiana. I watched your episode last night and was amazed at what all has happened to your family. I'm not sure how long your episode has been on the air so wondered if you guys have had the baby and how the family was doing. I also wanted to say to Tayler that she is an amazing person, will do great things to honor her mother, siblings, family, and friends, and that her mom would be very proud of her. I hope all is well. Take care Heather --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Becky Comments or Questions: My name is becky, im 19 years old, and i come from portsmouth, England. I am currently watching the episode featuring your family, there aren't really any words i can say to help you through what you are going through, so this message is mostly directed at taylor. You are an amazing young lady, you are going to grow up into a beautiful strong woman, your parents would be so amazingly proud of you. I don't even know you, and i'm proud of you. Enjoy your new house, you deserve it. Your whole family does. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Julie Comments or Questions: Hi I just wanted to tell you that Extreme Makeover Home is really a so wonderful team ! It has cross the sea and come to France and I really enjoy watching the emotion of each family. I wanted to thank you for all the support to them ! It is absolutly magic ! You give them hope ! Thank you very very very much, and please stay like you are !! :-D Lots of kisses from France ! Julie --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Laura Harms Comments or Questions: Dear Swenson-Lee family, My heart goes out to Taylor especially for all she has witnessed and endured. An amazing young woman!! Such a strong family that gives new meaning to pulling the family together. "Every sunrise brings new dreams, Every sunset brings new memories." All our families best, love & prayers, L. Harms British Columbia, Canada --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Sherri Romans Comments or Questions: This was the most touching story ever!!! I cried tons...The Parents of the Swenson-Lee family are amazing...our thoughts and prayers are with you here in Canada!!!! You are wonderful people and we wish you well....the kids are amazing and strong to have to deal with such a tragic loss... Sherri ...ALberta Canada --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: maryanne Comments or Questions: i must say what an inspirational family you are. I had shed many tears watching the programme from australia. I wish you guys all the best and believe those children are going to be the guiding light to the future. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Sia Comments or Questions: What an inspiration and true demonstration of what a loving family really looks like. You have touched my heart and reminded me just how important it is to cherish those around you and realise how lucky we are to have family. Everyone involved has brought a tear to me eye! To see such an excited team, accepting family and triumphant children prepared to soldier on has genuiely made my day. Wishing you all the best of luck and a future full of hope and prosperity. Sia, Melbourne, Australia --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kasper Neve Comments or Questions: Helo Swenson-Lee family The extreme makeover home edition has finaly reached europe. I saw the show yesterday. I was amazed of how much tragedy your famluly has been up against. There for I hope a little comment from the other side of the world, would be a funny thing for you all. And for Taylor: You are the strongest girl I have ever seen! May the rest of your lives be fantastic and amazing. Best Regards Kasper Neve Denmark, Europe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Abby Comments or Questions: hey there! i would just like to say that i just watched your episode of EMHE..and i was very emotional after the whole thing. It is so amamzing how a family of three became that big over a short period of time out of the kindnness of someones heart. and i just want to say that i think Taylor is amamzing!! Meeting her would be like meeting an angel, i'd give anything! You guys are just really awesome and i was really moved by the strength that you guys had. God bless you, and i wish you all nothing but the best! ;) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: roby & simo We watch you from Italy: compliments for your excellent work! We think that your helping needing families is a great thing especially nowadays. So often we find ourselves with our eyes wet for emotion. Keep on the excellent work. Ciao! Roby & Simo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kriquette Davis Comments or Questions: I watched the Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night and I just want to let you know what an incredible family you are. I lost my best friend to domestic violence on January 1, 2006. I have been involved with the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence since right after Karen's murder. What you are doing with legislation is simply awesome. I believe that we can end domestic violence, and hearing about your family and what you are doing lets me know that is a realistic dream for me. Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!! Take care and God Bless you all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Suzanne - from Canada Comments or Questions: Dear Vicki, Eric and Family...and I mean 'Family'. All of you together epitomize that word in its fullest! Watching the program tonite made me smile...made me cry...and also feel good. All of these emotions due to not only your horrible tragedies, but also because of your triumphs over the tragic events you have gone through. Domestic violence is that silent crime no one ever wants to talk about, but we all know it exists...exists often behind closed doors and often coupled with shame...which is so incredibly sad that we do that even today. However, your affirmative actions with the Bills and with bringing the entire situation out in the open and alerting more and more people to the consequences of such violence, not just by your words alone, but by bringing it to legal levels to finally do 'something' about it. Taylor, you are obviously the child of very caring parents with great genes and a warm caring heart. You are imbedded with gifts you yourself will only realize as your grow and mature. With your family together, and the guidance and love of Vicki and Eric, those realizations will happen. I am sure we have not heard the last of a girl named Taylor :) I have never been so moved. Thank you for sharing a small part of your lives with all of us. We shall learn from you. Take care. God Bless. I leave you with a quote/thought a friend sent to me: Dont tell God how BIG your storm is, tell the storm how BIG your God is... ..Suzanne --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Karen Lynn Herrold Comments or Questions: Please know your in my thoughts and prayers, I would like to get involved Please know I will continue to keep you up in prayer, You have all been thru alot. God will get you thru this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: SANDRA BRYANT Comments or Questions: THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR THOSE CHILDREN. ALSO FOR THE WORK YOU ARE DOING FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. ALL OF YOU ARE IN MY PRAYERS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Paul Dover Comments or Questions: hi guys the Dover family from sleaford in lincolnshire UK would like to say hello as we have just watched Extreme with your new home. both my wife Fran and myself were deeply moved by all of your strength in carenter, the way you have pulled together we think you guys are the best and we wish all of you best for the future,hope fully all went well with the birth of number 10 Paul and Fran --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the kind words from our friends on the other side of the pond! Thomas J Budzynski and TJB Extreme Team --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: wayne jones Comments or Questions: hello iv just watched your show .im from cardigan.. wales.. which is in the uk. i try and watch as much emhe as much as possible but this one really got to me . the little girl who saw both her parents die tragiclly as well as her mothers boyfriend. im not one for crying but that little girl got to me in a big way. it was lovely that her aunt took all her sisters kids .but then again what aunt wouldnt .bless you sure mom and dad had something to do with extreme makeover been there and i hope life will get alot easier for ypu are a wonderfull family. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Melissa Comments or Questions: I would like to know when the eposide will air agian....I was out of town and would like to watch it! I hope I can get that chance to watch it again. Please let me know when it will air again please!
You can now view this episode online on the home page. We also have
behind the scenes videos for most days in the daily photo and video gallery.
Name: Denise Kaufman

Comments or Questions: To the Swenson-Lee family, I am so heartfelt, I do not know
you but - everyday that goes by I think of all of you. We have a company called
Changing Gaits Inc. where we use our horses to assist with abuse, tragidies, etc. -
Equine Therapy - However - we open the door to you - if you ever need us! We open our
hearts and most of all our doors to you - We would like you to come to our ranch
(Brook Park, MN) just to #1 ride our horses, and to feel the openess, the serenity
and peace, and to let ya All be kids again - we also want to see a smile on All of
your beautiful faces. Absolutely NO Media - just you guys, a few horse handlers,
(guides) and of course the horses. This is real - No Charge,
this is just us - wanting to give to you.
The easiest way to get in touch with us is email -

Our prayers, and hearts are with you always,
Denise Kaufman
Changing Gaits Inc. 
To TJB Thank You so much for building the Swenson-Lee family
their beautiful home - it's people like you that are so outstanding - and make
Minnesota Nice! Your generosity is outstanding. I'm proud to say I'm a Minnesotan
because of people and companies like you!
Denise Kaufman 
Name: Suzanne Geer

Comments or Questions: I just would like to tell you that you are truley amazing,  I
wish there were more people like you in this crazy world.  Taylor you are really an
inspiration.  You are so grown up.  I am so sorry you had to go through this. I hope
one day you get to go to France.  I wish I had the money to send you and your family
but I don't.  I believe you will go there one day.  Also good luck with your new
edition and God Bless You All!!! You deserve the best in life.  Sincerely Suzanne
Geer,  Saylorsburg Pa
Name: Betty Duoto

Comments or Questions: God Bless You All and may you have a Merry Christmas!

Dear Tiffany,

I do my part as a "Life Member" of the VFW and I appreciate your caring about our troops too. 

I spent time watchinng your company do the 100th episode of "Exteme Makeover" for that most
special family. I was emotionally drained because I could feel the LOVE that your company
gave to these precious people. Of all the builders in this metro area, you stepped up to the plate.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mansions in Heaven will be awesome!

I am saddened by the scamming in our real estate business, ie, builders, sub-contractors,
mortgage originators, appraisers, realtors. I believe that those of us who have integrity
will be blessed all down the line. It is wonderful to know that you, especially, are among those.

God bless you for helping the Minnetonka family.

Donna Robinson, GRI
Name: Leah A  - 12/1/07

Comments or Questions: Congratulations Swenson-Lee family on your beautiful new
home.  You are true survivors.  Your tradgedy turned to triumph in front of America.
Your new home is symbolic of a new life, a new begining, a future with hope and
restoration.  Taylor, you are a remarkable person.  You will do great things in your
life. God bless you all. 
Thomas Gioscia on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 10:12:23

Comments or Questions: Tom, Loved the show last night.  That is the first time we
watched it.  You did something exceptional for those people.  My whole family
appreciates you for it.  The girls have a whole new perspective on Captain Tom. 
Joshua says hello.  You have my respect and love for what you do for people.  Your
friend, Tommy
Name: diana

Comments or Questions: Love the show; more importantly, LOVE the concept. Thankful
for something my family can watch and feel good about; inspiring others to do good!
Best wishes to your family in the new home. 

Comments or Questions: We watched your tragic situation unfold on ABC's Extreme
Makeover H.E.
We are so happy for your family and we pray that the new home will be a new
beginning for the children that you so lovingly took under your care.  May the Lord
Bless you as you raise your new extended family.  Merry  Christmas to you all!!!
Name: Lee

Comments or Questions: After watching your story last night, my thoughts are... how
do you do it (Taylor). My mother was also murdered last year as a result of domestic
violence by my step father, then he shot and killed himself. My life is a mess and I
am so shocked by all your abilities. You are definitly an inspiration to all
survivors. I also wanted to thank you and your aunt for all your hard work at trying
to change the laws. Thank you for having that voice for so many of us. Your new home
is beautiful and I hope that you all have many wonderful memories in it for all your
Name: Tasha

Comments or Questions: Congratulations on you new house and I hope that you continue
the fight on domestic violence.  I will pray for your family and for better things
to come. You truly are an inspiration to people everywhere and bless you for that.
May all of your lives be filled with happiness forever.
Kelly Middleton on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 12:48:50

Comments or Questions: Dear Tom and crew; Great job on EHME.  God Bless you for a
job well done and so well. I read the article on the internet in reguards to the
assembly of the swingset and sent in a shame e-mail on the elected female offical
who wouldn't make the time to assist. Thank you for telling it like it was.
Name: Liz

Comments or Questions: I live in Mass and saw you show this Sunday. I watched it
with my two daughters and the three of us used up a box of klneex! I was so touch by
the love and compassion that you and your husband have. The world is a wonderful
place with the two of you in it. Your sister kids are bless to have you both. 

Thank you, from a fan, Liz
From: Kevin Wuornos 
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2007 8:11 PM
To: 'Jason Budzynski'
Subject: Thank you-

What you, your father, family and colleagues did is amazing. You are amazing

It is a privilege and honor to know you.

I have communicated the same to Steve, you are all better people than most
of us.

Thank you for making a better place for others, and giving all of us
something more to work towards.

Please give your dad my gratitude as well

Best wishes always,
Michael Hughes  on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 16:01:08

Comments or Questions: I just want to say I was moved by the effort you folks made
last night on Extreme Makeover.  As someone who went through a housing nightmare
last year that left my fiancee with severe health issues (a builder selling us a
condo filled with toxic mold), its nice to see that there are still companies out
there who have the best interest of an individual at heart.  Thank you for giving
Name: Dan and Rachel Zerby

Comments or Questions: We can't even imagine what you guys went through.  We want to
say that we are are so happy for you guys and may God bless you.  
Name: robert kiel

Comments or Questions: god bless all keep up your faith
Name: Karen Graf

Comments or Questions: As I was watching the show I realized my prayer was answered.
Earlier this year I began an email to Extreme Makeover Home Edition about selecting
a family struggling with the difficulties from domestic violence. However, I
honestly don't know if I hit the send button.  In amazement, I watched my dream
unfold before my very eyes. 

I know your new home will make a difference in your lives.  I know the struggles
that lie ahead as you all find your way through the healing process. I know it won't
be easy.  And I know you will get through one of the most difficult and challenging
times of your lives. May the door to your new home provide all the opportunities you
and your family will ever need.

Karen Graf, Survivor
Name: Brent Hanson

Comments or Questions: Hi Swens.  I just talked to Hags tonight and he told me about
the show last night.  I have been on the internet all night.  My family and I will
say a long prayer for you tonight.  I can't believe what happened to you and your
family.  If you need anything, call me and I'll be there.  
Name: Rebecca Simmons

Comments or Questions: I just want to say how much my heart goes out to you and your
family.  Taylor you are an amazing young lady you have been through more than you
should and yet you still hold your head up high and keep going.  Don't you ever
forget that part of you and don't ever let anyone hold you back you are the future
and you are strong and beautiful.  I am a DV survivor and I am so proud to know that
there are people like you and your family that can not only overcome such pain and
tragedy but still hold such sweetness and love for eachother that you all do for
eachother.  Take care Stay Strong and Keep Living and Loving.  Thank you all for the
work that you do for DV victims.  Lots of happiness to you and your family you are
in my prayers.
Kelli MacDonald on Monday, November 26, 2007 at 23:31:35
Comments or Questions: Dear tjbhomes,

I wanted to personally write your company a letter to thank you for the momentous
movement that you are a part of.  With your help, a modern day saint by the name of
Ty Pennington has been able to better the lives of deserving familes. You have
changed the lives of these parents and kids and I imagine many generations to come,
directly and indirectly, through the work you are involved in and the show that so
warms my heart every sunday and inspires me, and others, to be a better person. 
What a way to pay it forward!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Thank you!!

Kelli MacDonald
Torrance, CA
Name: Dakota Severance

Comments or Questions:  im so happy for u guys that u got a bigger house :)
Taylor I miss u sooooo much :)
Realname: Rose Mansfield

Comments or Questions: I just want to say, GOD BLESS YOU as a family that took your
Sisters children and made them your family without any thought to the future for
yourselves. It's horrible what happened to your sister and our thoughts in Snohomish
Washington are with you and your family.  Know that millons of people, thanks to
Extreme Makeover Home Edition, there are many people out there rooting for your
continued recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and enjoy your new home and
your new life. Keep the faith. Sincerely, Rose Mansfield, Snohomish Washington. 
Darren on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 22:42:24
City-State-Zip: Hillsboro, Oregon

Comments or Questions: I justed to say you company is the best.  Your beautiful
craftsmanship and love you put into the Extreme Makeover Home Edition was without
question the best.  God Bless your company and all those who helped.  
Name: Brandi

Comments or Questions: Congrats on your new home.  We watch Extreme Makeover every
Sunday night and can't get enough of it.  We cry and laugh.  I had to come on line
and read your story cause we did not know what had happened and were very confused. 
Our deepest condolences are with you and your family and we think that your family
is absolutely fabulous and keep fighting.  Thanks for sharing your story!
Fort Saskatchewan Alberta, Canada
Name: Megan 

Comments or Questions: I was very touched and moved by your story. Viki you are an
amazing person as I will be going to college next in hopes to make half the impact
you have on the community. I thank you, good luck!
Name:  Linda McCollough

Comments or Questions:  Amazing and awesome, thanks for taking part on the Extreme
Makeover Home Edition. I stopped watching the show a long time ago, it makes me cry
whenever I watch it! However, I read in the Pioneer Press about this week's episode
and chose to watch it. 
Thanks for taking part in the show. 
May GOD bless you and your company in ways that we can't imagine as a result of this
opportunity! Linda McCollough
Name: Tony Burbeck

Comments or Questions: Erik and family:

Congratulations!  I turned on the tv and saw a face and heard a name I haven't seen
or heard since graduatiing from Hopkins High School.  I'm very happy for you and
your family. You've been through so much. The new house and all the joys that come
with it are sure to be something incredible for a long, long time.
Name: Nickolas Romero

Comments or Questions: Erik has been my high school teacher, basketball and football
coach, and has been a big influence on the choices I have made as a peer.  I will
continue to pray for Mr. Swenson and his family.  The Swenson-Lee family deserves
Name: C.McKinnon

Comments or Questions: I would just like to say my thoughts are with your family and
God Bless you for making the laws change regarding domestic violence.  It is an
epidemic in this country and it is sad to see the victims are always the ones that
suffer or end up deceased and most of the time have their "rights" taken away, but
yet the criminal is set free and is provided with all their rights.  

You are a wonderful set of people that have taken on such a large family in the name
of LOVE.  May you have many opportunites to bond together in your wonderful new home.
I look forward to future updates about your wonderful family.

C. McKinnon
Judy Tornatore on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 20:18:11

Comments or Questions: Just a note to thank you for your participation in Extreme
Makeovers Home Addition. Your dedication and hard work is a true indication of
corporate character. You should all be commended
Name: James, Sharon, and Nick.

Comments or Questions: We hope you enjoy your new home. My family is happy see your
home made the the 100th show of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. We wish much success
in the future to your family. It is a great thing that you have kept the family
Barb Bennett on Sunday, November 25, 2007 at 19:38:28
City-State-Zip: Ramsey, MN  55303

Comments or Questions: Congratulations on the EHMO show.  I never miss an episode
and I sure would not have missed this one.  Good - strike that - great job.  I'm
proud to be a Minnesotan - not that I wasn't before.  Thank you!
Name: Abby Larsen

Comments or Questions: I love you guys!! I go to school with Taylor Lee and my
brother goes to school with Samantha and  Tyler! May the Lord bless you through the
ABC family Extreme Makeover!! Thanks for helping them through this hard time of
theirs. <3 =]
Name: Graisen Pearson

Comments or Questions: Swenson-Lee family I look forward to seeing you at the big
gathering on sunday(If theres room for me to come)!

Name:  Marie Geraghty

Comments or Questions:  God has blessed you with a wonderful family and circle of
friends! May God continue to be with you in your lives.
Name:  Shari Banack

Comments or Questions:  To Tom your family and staff:

I just wanted to let you know how proud I am to say you are our builder!!!
What you did for that family was unbeleivable. 
Tom to say your family backs you up 100 fold can't even begin to explain the
dedication they have shown to TJB.
I wore my shirt to a garage sale fundraising event I am involved in. I  wore it
proudly. I was commenting to each question the dedication your family had shown. To
also say my son Anthony's company A+ Outdoor Services was involved and donated their
time and services to this event just made me doubly proud. For Duane and I and
seeing our daughters Lisa and Lynn and grandaughters Shantell and Ciarra all working
side by side with your crews brought tears to me.
I know Tom you will agree we have been blessed with some remarkable people as our
To say you are our the builder of our new beautiful home has been a remarkable
Thanking YOU for Everything and HATS off to EVERYONE of YOU!!!!
Duane and Shari Banack 
Name:  Margo (from rick's wedding)

Comments or Questions:  I hope all of you have a wonderful and joyful life in your
new home and congrats on the baby on the way! :) I am truly sorry for all that you
guys have gone through and I admire your courage. Samantha and Taylor- I miss u
guys!!! Have FUN in the new house!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                               Lots of love
From:    "Linda Jacobson"
Date:    Fri, September 7, 2007 11:23 am


AWESOME job! Tom did such a good job on TV that Sunday morning. Give him a
hug from me. I watched it from the cabin and I was soooo proud. I¹m really
looking forward to watching the whole two-hour event in November.

Have a good day.
From: Pam Weaver
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2007 12:55 PM


You did an incredible job.  My sincerest congratulations.

I wish I had half the talent your crews had, otherwise I would have 
helped you myself.  I wish I had lots of money to donate because I 
would have.

All I have is connections. I hope they helped just a little 
bit to help you get the attention you, your crews and all of our 
members working on this project deserved.

Once the media started, it was a landslide.  Without the
association's involvement, you showed the community 
the soul of our industry.  We are generous people.  The association 
doesn't really matter in these circumstances.  What could it have 
brought you that you did not bring to yourself?  What matters is what 
you did.  Even if the association wanted to, we could not have pulled 
off what you did.

Again, my deepest thanks and respect go out to you, your staff, your 
subs for doing this extraordinary thing.

There is nothing more gratifying than giving.

Enjoy the day and your success Tom.

Pam Perri Weaver
Executive Vice President
Builders Association of Minnesota
Name:  Melinda Mueller

Comments or Questions:  I am so glad for you and god bless you and your family.
Name:  Jennifer Loring-Flint

Comments or Questions:  I knew Terri as part of the Tartan H.S. class of 86. We
endured sadness at the 15the reunion with the loss of TY. Shortly before our 20th
reunion we all could not have imagined the sadness, anger and greif surrounding the
loss of Terri as well. God bless her sister and family for bringing those children
into their home as we all know they were always in their hearts. I volunteered and
found myself in awe of how a community of total strangers and past friendships came
together in this horrorific situation to help to better the lives of you all. You
are very deserving of this place to heal and my heart goes out to you all. God bless
you Vicki!! 
Jennifer Loring-Flint
Name:  Brett Ressler

Comments or Questions:  Dear Swenson-Lee Family,I was blessed to be one of the many
volunteers that got to help with your new home. I just want to say that this has
touched the hearts of many;including me and my family. We extend our thoughts and
prayers for your wonderful family. Many Thanks, Brett Ressler 
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 1:30 PM
To: Budzynski Tom & Jan

You and your family did a outstanding job, that sure must have taken
a lot of effort and planning. I am sure the family appreciated the effort.
We are looking forward to the program on T V. GREAT WEB PAGES

Rusty & Mary Demeules

From: Lori A.
Subject: Wow!

What an incredible home you have built for this family.
We have seen your homes and they are beautiful.
If/when we build again it will be with TJB!
Thank you for your generosity it is inspiring to see
the “goodness” from people and companies – they do go together!

Lori and Dan
Name:  Maria Conley

Comments or Questions:  God bless you for building that home for the
Swenson-Lee family. I had heard that an extreme makeover home was being done
for a family in Minnesota, but I had no idea it was that family. No one
deserves this more than these innocent children! I will
keep you in mind when I buy a house of my own in the next year or two!
WOW…you made it!  What a week you must have had….and what a great event it was yesterday.
Bob, Gail, Gordon, and 5 others from our office and myself got out there about 12:15
and were amazed at how many people were there already…

You were absolutely right…it was the super bowl of the home building industry..
and you were the super star!

Congratulations Tom.

Deborah Hitchcock
Builders Club
VP Travel
Hi Tom,

I wanted to congratulate you and your staff for doing just a wonderful job with the Extreme Makeover project.
You took on a huge responsibility to make this happen for the family and you did it with enthusiasm and zest.
ABC could not have found a better builder to make this a reality.
Way to go. I am sure you are all exhausted and ready to take a rest.  

Thank you and Brent for letting Granite Tops help out with this most deserving event.
We are proud to be a part of TJB and Village Floor.

Curt Sauer
V. P. Sales & Marketing
GraniteTops LLC
Name:  Mary Lou Menning

Comments or Questions:  Eric and Vicki,  EMHE is the ONLY show my husband, four
girls and I watch on TV.  I heard about your story on KSTP Channel 5 website.  I am
so sorry about the loss of your sister.  When I found out EMHE was going to be in
Minnetonka, we just had to come see the action.  We came from Young America (about
20 minutes west of Chaska) on Sunday.  My girls made a donation to the education
fund with some money they'd earned from their lemonade stand.  I found out Monday
night when you were coming home on Tuesday.  I packed up my four girls (9, 8, 5 and
3), lunch and things to do and came to see you come home.  I can't tell you how
excited we were to be there and be a part of welcoming you home, even though we
don't know you personally and haven't met.  When the limo pulled up and the bus
pulled away, I found myself crying.  Crying because I was happy for you, because I
felt sympathy for you.  I can't wait to see the show in November.  To see the
expressions on your faces, hear what you said, and see what the inside of the house looks like. 
Enjoy your new home and the new little life that will be joining you in November. 
To close, let me send you this
blessing:  May God richly bless you and your family.  May He send you His comfort
and peace.  May you always feel His presence and know how much He loves you and
that He will always care for you.  May He send you great blessing for loving and
caring for your sister's children as your own.  I have been blessed by your story. 
Welcome Home, Swenson-Lee family!  Welcome Home!!!
To Tom and Everyone at TJB Homes,

I just wanted to take a quick minute and congratulate everyone on the 
wonderful job you have all done for the Extreme Makeover.  I always knew 
that TJB Homes was a builder with care and integrity and once again you have
more than proven that with your largest production to date.  I have never 
seen one family pull so hard in the same direction at the same time as I did
with your family Tom.  I was always happy building with TJB Homes and now I 
am even feel honored.  I am very proud to say that I know the people 
responsible for the Minnesota Extreme Makeover!  Keep up the great work and 

Terry Weyandt
Name:  Janet Putnam

Comments or Questions:  I just wanted to say that our family had such a blast
watching the building of your new home. We are a family from Coon Rapids with 2
daughters that have special needs. They love the show and little did
we know that we would finally get to see some celebrities in MN.
Enjoy your new home and think of nice memories of your sister.  Love to all!!!
Name:  Kaitlyn Kysar (Anderson)

Comments or Questions:  Hi! To all of you. I just thought that I would let you know
that you are all thought of by everyone around you. I was in Mr Swenson's World
Studies...(I think that's what you call it.) And Mrs. Swenson's Child Psych I
class...I was always the one to share the "sad" current events in Swenson's
class...I am now married...just celebrated my 1st anniversary and have a three month
old baby boy...Enough about me Congats on The house you are the most deserving
family ever and good luck with the birth of your child! God bless You all. P.s My
little sister Heidi Anderson is going to be in Mr Swensons Class...give her a hard
time for me! ; )
Name:  Craig & Bobbie Abbie & Ashley Jones

Comments or Questions:  Hey guys wow what a home!  I was at the unveiling and to see
the looks on your faces when you saw that house was amazing!  We are so happy for
you guys and you are so deserving!  Hope to see you real soon and know we think of
you very often, and you are in our prayers.  We know you would give it all back to
have Teri with us again but hopefully all the love, generosity, and support from so
many will help you to find some peace through all of this.  Come on over to the
Jones house real soon.  Hey Eric I got a HUGE box of Goldfish for all of us man! 
Let's party!
Name:  Sandy Oldeen

Comments or Questions:  I am Vicki Swenson & Teri Lee's aunt.  I just want to
commend TJB for the memorable expierence working with you on the EMO project.  I
don't know names, but the faces are forever in my memories, the "Big Guy" that
always had a broad smile on his face, the girls in the check-in tent were a delight
and the entire crew.  I don't know names, but the young fellow (he said he was 76
yrs old) that was me all of his blonde jokes...and it was after
2:00 AM!  I know in my heart that Teri would be saying the exact same words.  Thank
you again. 
Sandy Oldeen

Name:  Peter Kelly

Comments or Questions:  I knew you had heart on the football field Eric, but to open
your heart and your home like this is truly a gift. You are both very special
people....and now you have a special family. You deserve this gift! May you have a
long and happy life in your new home. All the best to you and your family.
From your UND football teammate and college pal! #75
Name:  Sharon Anderson

Comments or Questions:  It is about time for the unveil.  I can only imagine the
emotions you feel, especially thinking of the sister/mothersister-in law you lost. 
My daughter was an '06 grad & had Mr. Swenson as a teacher.  She lost her life last
summer & I know how much acts of kindness mean to me where she is concerned.  So..I
can only imagine what feelings you must be having as a this house is a tribute to
you & your sister/mother/sister-in-law.  I'm sure Teri & perhaps my daughter Ashton
have been watching down as this project has taken place.  Your life is inspiring.
Name:  Michele L

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Hi Swenson-Lee family:  I volunteered to help through the
company I work for  , but they had as much as they needed , but I wanted to express
that it is heart felt what your family has experienced.  There is no amount of money
or status that can take away the pain and anguish that comes from domestic violence
that leads to such a loss, I pray for the oldest daughter of Terri that she finds
strength and love in those around her who care, and always know that she is
courageous and brave and a leader of a profound cause that has impacted children
around the globe.  Her mother would be awesomely proud of her to have been so
quickminded and so brave. 
Name:  Rose & Glen Cunningham

Comments or Questions:  Our prayers are with you and your family. We have heard
about your tragedy and can only hope for a brighter future for you. Our son-in-law
was one of the volunteers that helped out on the project. Please except our deepest
sympthy and blessings.
Name:  Ann Johnson

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  Swenson-Lee Family,
This has been one of the best things I've ever done.  Your friends, family and
neighbors really support you!  During the overnight hours when I volunteered, I
could feel the excitement and joy of all the wonderful people who wanted to help.  I
know we all got a lot out of this experience as well.  We all hope that you will
find much happiness in your new home.  Good luck to you and may God bless you and
I saw your name as we were checking out the home in Minnetonka…that was a
very nice gesture on your part.  Let me know if there is anything
that I may be able to do to assist.

Harlan Lehman
Minnesota Wisconsin Playground, Inc.
Name:  Debbie & Dale Bisbee

Comments or Questions:  Life brings us so many challenges and it's what we make of
them that will make us better people.  You've
helped so many kids and others in the community that it is your turn to let others
help you raise these kids.  We hope your family blossoms and grows in this house of
love.   Debbie and Dale. 
Name:  Nicole, Mark's mom

Comments or Questions:  We came out to see the house in progress on days 4 &
6....Being on site when home is being built was an awsome experience.  We met Ty and
donated to the education fund.  It is hard to imagine how this could be accomplished
in such a short time.  So many volunteers and so much activity!  I am looking
forward to watching the show and I am sure you will enjoy this experience and new
home in ways that will not be able to be put into words.  Congrats!  Best wishes to
you and your family!!!!  
Name:  Brian Jenstad

Comments or Questions:  To all of you, best wishes in your new home.  I'm sure you
have endured a lot, so you are a very tough crew.  I am very happy for you and you
deserve all of this.  I was a student at Richfield Senior High School in a couple of
Mr. Swenson's U.S. and World Studies classes in 1995, 1996, 1997. Those were good
times.  If there's anyone who knows how to be a good teacher and role model, it's
Mr. Swenson, and from what I've read about so far, it sounds like his wife is the
same way.  All of your kids are blessed to have you in their lives. 
Excellent job you guys!  What a great feeling it must be!
Thanks for making the world a better place!
Steve Arzdorf
S&B GeoThermal

Name:  Jay Bach

Comments or Questions:  I couldn't be more pleased than to see you get this
wonderful honor in remembrance of your sister, and the unselfish act of raising ALL
those children.  Thank you for letting me be part of your story!!!
Name:  Kim

Comments or Questions:  Congratulations on your new BEAUTIFUL home!  It was so much
fun seeing the reveal today and seeing the community come together for you all. 
What a great group of volunteers, contributors, and especially TJB Builders!
Vicki- Thank you for all your hard work on the domestic violence bills...your sister
would be so proud of what you have accomplished and for what you have done for her
children.  They are truly blessed to have you and your husband in their lives. God
bless you all!
Name:  Shira zats

Comments or Questions:  hey Taylor its Shira from your volleyball team i am wishing
you the best with your new house and new life can't wait to see ya at school
Name:  Jeff Krause

Comments or Questions:  I am so excited for this opportunity that you and your
family are sharing. Congratulations and ENJOY this, the love that you have together
and the joy that each of you bring to the lives of the people who you know.
Name:  LeaAnn Gregerson

Comments or Questions:  Swenson-Lee Family,

I want you to know what I observed watching your beautiful house being built. TJB
Homes did an amazing job. The organization of the project was unbelieveable. Friday
I watched as the walls were being put on the second floor.  Early Saturday morning
the walls were up, the roof on and shingled, the windows in, the inside walls were
sheetrocked and people were finishing the taping and I was told the siding would be
done by 4pm. Sunday the house was trimmed and painted the drive was bricked right
before my eyes. There were amazing hard working people everywhere.  I tried to
volunteer, but there where so many voluteers that I didn't get the chance.  What I
did get to do was witness all the love and hard work that thousands of people put
into your home.  Your story touched my heart way beyond belief.  You are all in my
prayers.  May the Lord give you all the love, strength and happiness that you
Name:  kristie

Comments or Questions:  Hi. I am a volunteer from EMHE. I had to say one
last time what an amazing experience it was to work with you all this week.
Every single person i came in contact with was wonderfull and some of you,
funny and fun to be around!! It was a pleasure to work with you guys.
Name:  Katy Pobuda

Comments or Questions:  Congratulations on your beautiful new palace! The love and
care that went into building your home is miraculous, as I was there every day and
saw the dedication with my own eyes. I hope you enjoy all the details of your new
home and its everything you could have dreamed. : ) Take care and be well. 
Name:  Kathy Anderson

Comments or Questions:  To all of you....I am soooo happy for you!! You are truly
the most deserving family on the planet for this special home. (100th episode,
even:))Nothing can replace Teri, but she can rest in peace knowing that her children
are well-cared for and have a supportive nation behind them.I wish there would have
been some way I could have helped out in this, so I at least wanted to share my
feelings with you. God bless you all.
Kathy Anderson
Name:  Donna Tjader

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  My daughter and I had a chance to visit your home on Sunday,
August 26th.  It will be so beautiful!  I am a teacher, also, and I know how hard it
can be to make the paycheck stretch when raising a family, so I was proud to be able
to purchase a T-shirt, with the donation going to your children's education fund. 
God bless you for your sacrifice and your love of family!
Name:  Jackie McClellan

Comments or Questions:  I don't know if you remember me, but I had you, Mr. Swenson,
as a teacher in 2004. I just wanted to say congratulations!! You guys deserve all of
this and I hope you enjoy your new house!! I would've definatly been there to help
build it if I had been in town, but I know you'll enjoy it regardless! Hope all is
going well with you and hope to run into you in the future! 
Name:  Marlyce Paulson

Comments or Questions:  WOW!!!  I am so happy for all of you!   Can't wait to come
over and see the new house!!!   Hugs!
Name:  rosemary travieso

Comments or Questions:  You our a family truly deserving of this great honor
you have gone beyond and above the true meaning of parenting
having taken in your sisters kids .god bless you all you so richly deserve this.
take care. and all of you our in my prayers
Name:  Shirley 

Comments or Questions:  My daughter, Jackie and I were chosen as volunteers Saturday
Being on the site and seeing your new home being built is AWESOME.  This 
experience has made a difference in our lives.  We commend you for 
caring for your sister's family.  I am a survivor of domestic violence
and wish to Congratulate you on your new home.  No family should be 
destroyed by such an awful tragedy!  Bless all of you and the people 
involved in this miraculous event!
Name:  Shirley 

Comments or Questions:  My daughter, Jackie and I were chosen as volunteers Saturday
Being on the site and seeing your new home being built is AWESOME.  This 
experience has made a difference in our lives.  We commend you for 
caring for your sister's family.  I am a survivor of domestic violence
and wish to Congratulate you on your new home.  No family should be 
destroyed by such an awful tragedy!  Bless all of you and the people 
involved in this miraculous event!
Name:  Gabrielle Mogan

Comments or Questions:  CONGRATS SWENSONS!!!
I wish I could have helped knock down your house!!! Congrats!! you guys so deserve
this .. If there is anything my family or I can do .. don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy
the house have a great last week of summer. 
Name:  Sandi Karnowski

Comments or Questions:  To all I wish my very best.  I have a close friend who took
in her sister's daughters following a murder-suicide of her sister and husband.  My
friend had just had a baby.  She had a 5 year old son, a two year old daughter adopted from
Colombia, plus her new born when the family suddenly expanded to take in two very
shaken nieces (5th and 8th graders).  My friends adjusted to the new family
structure, but went from a typical family of two children to five in 3 weeks time.  

I'm so happy for you all to have been awarded the makeover to house your new brood. 
My friends had to build a new house.  This all happened 24+ years ago.  They are now
a close-knit family with lots of grand kids.  You too will survive as you've already
shown great resilience.  You will pass this on to all of your children as well.

The going will not always be easy, but you WILL survive.  
Name:  Cindy Stoewer

Type:  Donator

Comments or Questions:  I purchased t-shirts and I understand the money will go
towards scholarship funds for the kids.  As a fellow Minnesotan, I just want to say
that you definately deserve the beautiful home and the recognition, not only for
raising your nieces and nephews but for following through on getting a bill passed
in your sister's honor.  God's Blessing to all for many, many happy years in the new
Name:  angie sanvik

Comments or Questions:  hello Swenson-Lee family,
I am a MN resident who lives not far from you and just wanted to write a quick note
to say what a beautiful surprise for your family to be the chosen one for Extreme
Home Makeover to come to your families need! CONGRATULATIONS!!!  i was very happy to
hear that you were the chosen family. you all deserve the very best!
i have followed your tragic story through the news over the past year and my
thoughts and prayers are with your family. i wish a very bright future for all of
you! i absolutely love children and hope for the very best for all of your wonderful
kids!! God bless you all!!!!
Name:  Angela B

Comments or Questions:  Dear Swenson-Lee Family, I remember reading about the
tragedy last year, and then my friend told me about Extreme Makeover.  I've read the
NBC Dateline transcript, and I'm blown away.  You are resilient, beyond brave,
speaking out for domestic abuse.  God bless your family, and thank God you are
teachers!  We need your compassion, strength, example of conviction.  I'm touched
when reading your daughter's friends comments.  May you soar like eagles and find
peace and laughter with your family and friends.
Name:  Katey Tschida

Comments or Questions:  I was out to volunteer over the weekend and I wanted to
thank the crew (Justin) for being great and helping us find things to do.  Your hard
work is being so appreciated.

Thank you!
Name:  Sue

Comments or Questions:  To the entire cast and crew of the show:  My 7 year old son
and I are huge fans and try not to miss a single episode.  What a dream job, to be
able to make a living bringing happiness and peace of mind to deserving families!
To the builders:  Thank you so much for making this process available through your
web site!  If it were possible, we would have loved to have been there and been able
to be part of this.  We never realized what an absolutely enormous role the builder
plays in this whole production!
To the family:  My own 2 children are forced to share a small bedroom in our as yet,
unfinished house, so I can imagine ten-fold, what a
huge relief this will be for your family to have all the additional space.  We hope
you enjoy your beautiful new home and wish you all a happy and prosperous future!
We can't wait for the show to air!
Name:  Jennifer Betley

Comments or Questions:  Swenson-Lee Family,
Congratulations on your beautiful new home! If anyone could build it better,
it would be TJB! They do the most beautiful work! Congrats also to TJB, Justin, Jay
and Family this is true recogniton you do deserve! 
Name:  Kulaszewicz Family

Comments or Questions:  May all of you enjoy this house for many years to come!  You
were all do for a blessing.  The neighborhood has just been hopping with activity! 
We enjoyed it and even pitched in too. 
Best Wishes to you,  
The Kulaszewicz Family 
Name:  Michelem L

Comments or Questions:  Hello Swenson-Lee family.  I am sorry i was so excited to
send you a message i sent it to the blog instead of here where it was suppose to go
, but I hope they make sure you get it . i am Minnesota resident and work for one of
the companies that enlisted volunteers and services.  I have been heart felt of your
family since the incident and was very happy to hear that extreme make over was
doing your new home , this touched me for such a deserving family of sincere heart
and generocity. I pray for your family regularly , I have been hit home with similar
domestic violence and I some what understand your pain and suffering , but god is
ALWAYS here and there ALWAYS . never forget terri or what happended and always let
the children know you think about it to , because it never leaves them and thank you
for the bill i think it passed in may right or i hope it did , the one where the
picture is on the order . THAT IS SO IMPORTANT because so many women are no
 t taken serious .  I love you for what you did , thanks you and god bless your big
family , the joy of havbing 10 kids in the house is yet to bring you bliss and so
many many happy memories . I hope they equipped you with a very nice movie camera
cause your gonna need it . God speed and god bless .
Name:  Csaba "Chub" Troester

Comments or Questions:  I am proud to be a neighbor, thank you for making our world
a nicer place. You deserve the very best! 
Name:  Patti

Comments or Questions:  I am only a fan of the show, But if i knew before it was to
late i would of Volunteered. They do always say though that they are always
deserving familys. And from what I have read about your story you deserve it. 
Can't wait to watch the show to hear you all say MOVE THAT BUS!!!!!
Congats. What dream come true for your family!
Name:  Jan

Comments or Questions:  What a blessing for you and your entire family -
congratulations!  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and all those fortunate
enough to work on the special house, what a blessing!  for opening you hearts and
home to four children and giveng them a loving, caring environment is such a
special, blessed thing to do.  Thank you all for being such role models to us all.
Name:  Karna Swenson-Stock

Comments or Questions:  As your aunt, I couldn't be prouder or happier for you all
to get this wonderful home. The gift of time by getting this house in one week is
priceless. You deserve much happiness and healing and I pray you have both. God
bless the Swenson-Lee family!
Name:  Heather 

Comments or Questions:  I am so happy for all of you. This could not have happend to
anyone more deserving. My daughter and I are survivors of domestic abuse going on 3
years now of violence free, I told my self that is was time to go, no matter what
the out come was it was going to be better than what we were currently in. Thank you
so much Vicki for your hard work for woman and children who are victims of domestic
violence, the pictures on the orders I know that will help everyone with identifying
the respondents. And I could not imagine the pain and suffering that you have gone
through. I just know that this is another step forward for you all as individuals
and as a family. In a way this also reminds me that everyday that I am not with my
abuser, I am growing stronger as a woman, mother, friend, daughter, and sister.
Please enjoy your new home and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Love you all and take care.
Name:  Samantha Tankenoff

Comments or Questions:  Samantha your house is amazing, I wish it was mine! (just
kidding!) I'm so happy that we're friends.  We've had the same teachers for 4 years
(Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th and 5th grades)and I'm so happy for your family. I think
your room will be the best!!! Can't wait to see everything finished.  You're a good
friend.  Love, Sam T.
Name:  Chris Tuenge

Comments or Questions:  I want to wish you and your family the best of luck in your
new home.  What you have done is truly amazing and extraordinary giving your nieces
and nephews a newly refound family is GREAT!!  You deserve this house very much and
I hope you find it to be wonderful.  Best of luck and enjoy all the years to come
with your wonderful family!
Name:  Carolyn Bradley

Type:  Volunteer

Comments or Questions:  I think what you have done , taken the children in so they
wouldn't be split up was fantastic , I was invovled in a demestic violence as a
teenager and I saved my self by leaving our family for a while  to save my self, so
I AM SOOOO glade you could keep the kid's together. good luck and god speed sincerly
carolyn bradley  ps if you need volenteer's I AM WILLING TO DO EVENING'S, I also
have a few bag's of food that I COLLECTED @ NATIONAL NIGHT OUT THAT NEED'S A HOME,
Name:  chad carey 

Comments or Questions:  Swenson-Lee family
I wanted to just say it is a true blessing for what you have done for the all the
kids and yourselfs... Your family truely deserves the make over event.. it sure is a
very nice looking home.. i wish you all a wonderful life of many many years to come
in your new HOME
Name:  Linda H.

Comments or Questions:  Tap into the strenth and love of your family, friends and
community. You are doing an amazing thing...a life changing act for your entire
family. Peace through faith.
Name:  Bob Maki

Comments or Questions:  Congrats!!!!  We're really happy you guys got
chosen!!! Hope you're havin' a great time in Disneyland. It's so great to see the
community pull together for your family. Enjoy your trip but better yet ... enjoy your
new home next Tuesday!! I had the opportunity to volunteer yesterday - all I can
say is "amazing" The whole process is amazing the amount of work in a short time
- the coordination - the people - it was an experience. Enjoy!!!
Name:  Jenni Carlson

Comments or Questions:  I am so happy that this family is receiving this amazing
gift!  I had both Mr. and Mrs. Swenson as teachers in high school and I could not
imagine any better candidates for an extreme home makeover.  Both are the most
caring and giving people and they are both amazing teachers (I actually remember
what I learned in their classrooms!!!)!  I hope Vicki gets some input in the new
house---she has a very classy style and knows what to do to make a house look it's
best! Best of luck to the entire family!!!!!  :)
Name:  Tatianna D'tayo 

Comments or Questions:  Samantha I love you for being my friend.  I know that you
and your family have had a tuff time.  I have tried to help and do fun things so we
don't have to think about the tuff things that happend. 

Love, Tatianna  
Name:  tom franke

Comments or Questions:  I heard many comments about all of the people in Minnesota
who acted so wonderfully during the 35W bridge collapse. Countless media persons
cited "Minnesota Nice" as the motivation for acts of bravery and sacrifice. I
suppose this "Minnesota attribute" will be applied to the make-over of the
Swenson-Lee home. I propose here that acts of kindness and sacrifice such as are
seen at the homesite and acts of heroism and sacrifice as seen at the 35W collapse
site are not due to the "good people of Minnesota," but to good people everywhere
who gain intense joy in helping others. I am not a Minnesota native, but I am sure
thankful for TJB for letting me give of my time in volunteer effort as well as give
of my money to a great need ... and to practice acts of kindness and sacrifice
because my heart enjoys serving my fellow teacher comrades at Hopkins and their
Name:  Kerri Shay

Comments or Questions:  Taylor, after last year it was really fun getting to know
you on the bus. I hope we are on the bus again. My mom says hi.
Name:  Neighbor and supporter

Comments or Questions:  Swenson-Lee Family,
We are so excited for your family! We are even more proud of all of you though. You
are the world; hard work, teaching, acts for congress, and just plain love for kids.
Proud to be your neighbor! 
Name:  Maria Johnson

Comments or Questions:  Mr. Swenson- I have no idea if you remember me. Two years
ago I was in your first semester World Studies class. You probably don't recall me,
but you made school a lot more fun to be at as a teacher. If anyone deserves this,
it's you and your family.
Name:  Sean Haugen

Comments or Questions:  We are so happy for the famliy. They are so deserving of the
makeover after everything that has happened. I have know Vicki for many years and
she is a very strong person and is a wonderful mother. I am truly honored to know
and be friends with this family. They are all wonderful people and we love you all
very much!!!!!

The Haugen's

Name:  Grant

Comments or Questions:  Wow this is such an important cause.  You deserve every inch
of this new beautiful home.  I wish you all the best!
Name:  Fast Track Products, Inc

Comments or Questions:  You deserve this new house for all the good you have done.
Name:  Rick and Patti Johns

Comments or Questions:  We miss you guys a lot and think or you often. I hope that
all of your dream really do come true. I can?t think of a more deserving family.
Name:  Rick and Patti Johns

Comments or Questions:  There is only one reason I wish I was in Minnesota this fall
and it would be to help you yell, "Move that bus!" I was so pleased to hear of this
wonderful reward you?re family was afforded. I am sure you are exhausted and
exhilarated at the same time. God bless you!!
Name:  Carla 

Comments or Questions:  Enjoy your new home Swenson-Lee family! We are praying for
Name:  kelly rhodes

Comments or Questions:  samantha, arter all these years of having sleep overs at
your house and being best friends, i cant wait to still be best friends and have
sleep overs at your new "extreme" house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
l.y.l.a.s.(love ya like a sister)!!! 
kelly rhodes
Name:  Erin Rannels

Comments or Questions:  I am so happy for the Swenson-Lee family!!  They are so
deserving of this after the tragedy they all endured.  I worked with Vicki after her
sister died, and she is the most kind, sincere person and has such a good heart.  I
have since moved away from Minnesota, so if she sees this, tell her I am thinking of
her and the family and I am so excited for all of them!   

Name:  Terry Strandberg

Comments or Questions: Good Morning Tom,

I don’t know if you remember me or not,
but we played golf a few years back when I worked at
National City Mortgage with Tim Eagen.  Anyway, I wanted to send you a note and say
I think it is exceptional what you are doing with the Swenson-Lee home.
I have seen the piece a few times and it is refreshing to see people help others….
for no reason other than it being the right thing to do.
So many times we see in the media the negative, so, it is nice to see
the good side of people, and what we are all capable of doing.

I hope all is well, and have a great Friday.
Name:  Tammy Gregerson

Comments or Questions:  Eric & are true Angels!!!
Name:  S. E. Baird

Comments or Questions:  Yea for the Swenson-Lee family!
Wishing you many happy moments in your new space!

S.E. Baird
Name:  Teresa M. Boser

Comments or Questions:  Heard you were doing the Extreme Makeover Home
Edition and wanted to say THANK YOU !!

Any way that fans of the show can come to help out or just be there to
support your efforts?
Name:  Deb and Dave Lutz

Comments or Questions:  Good Morning Tom,
As a TJB Homeowner I am so proud of you and your company for providing this
wonderful gift to the Swensen - Lee family.  We built our home with
you 9 years ago in the Gladstone Development of Maple Grove and have
loved our home from day one!

Your professionalism and pride in the work that you do will set you apart
from any other Extreme Home Makeover.  You build a solid beautiful home,
this family will love it!
All the Best!
Name:  Mr. Jim Nygaard

Comments or Questions:  Tom, I was surprised and pleased to see on TV and
read in the paper about your volunteering for the Extreme Makeover show. I
remember you from my Woodshop class at Mounds View High School in the late
60's, and recognized you on TV.

You have made a very successful career in the Real Estate and home building
business, and this latest charitable endeavor is commendable.

Best wishes for continued success! 
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